About SHOKEIIntroduction

Shokei Regional Promotion Center

Through efficient usage of the human and intellectual resources of both Shokei University and Shokei University Junior College, we facilitate diverse collaborations with the local society (local public organizations, companies and business operators (including educational institutions), and local residents). Along with supporting the promotion of local industries, culture and education, we contribute to personnel training, town and regional planning through societal contributions, and aim to be a university and junior college with a trustworthy and significant presence in the region.

Shokei Food Education Research Center

In April 2014 the Shokei Food Education Research Center was set up with the purpose of conducting an overall survey on food education, researching the future prospects for food education in Japan and its regions, contributing to the fulfillment and development of this university’s education, and conveying information to society.

Our university is the only private college in the prefecture to have courses that conduct practical education and research related to food and nutrition - Shokei University’s Faculty of Human Life Science Department of Nutritional Science and Shokei University Junior College’s Department of Food and Nutrition. We are working as a whole school to actively facilitate food education while aiming to collaborate and mutually cooperate with regional societies and other research institutions.

Shokei Child Rearing Research Center

From May 2013 our school’s Child Rearing Research Center (established in June 2000) was progressively reorganized into the “Shokei Child Rearing Research Center”. With this fresh start, we’ve accumulated research results from an even larger number of study fields for research into child growth and child rearing, and we will continue to convey new information into society. This is in response to the deepening and expanding social role that is expected of a school for training childcare teachers.

At the Center, it’s been our objective for many years to contribute to local societies through conducting cross-disciplinary surveys and research on child growth and child rearing, focused around researchers of the Department of Childhood Education. We are working towards our Research Center becoming a place for thinking both about important factors and methods in raising children, and we hope to give back our obtained knowledge to society.

Shokei Volunteer Support Center

The Shokei Volunteer Support Center was opened at the Kuhonji Campus in FY2014.

This Center aims to support the independent volunteer activities of students and nurture personnel who can contribute to local society.

International Exchange (Introduction of partner universities and programs with those universities)

Our school has formed University Exchange Agreements with Tzu Chi University in Taiwan and Induk University in South Korea, and actively carries out student exchanges, short-term language study exchanges, and mutual study tours. We also conduct thorough support for overseas exchange students, such as running Japanese language classes, assigning student tutors (for each student), and providing job-seeking guidance (for those interested).